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Grow light Glasses - Anti UV


Don't Grow Blind

Grow lights have high-intensity radiation that is essential for plant growth. It is harmful to human eyes though. . These glasses are optimized for LED lights,to ensure clear vision and less eye strain. The glasses come in a sturdy construction.

Our grow light glasses are designed to deliver a clear vision and protection in HID and LED lighting. They will allow you to easily inspect the progress of your plants and offer ample eye protection. They have specialized lenses that delivers a crystal-clear vision and keep the harmful UV rays out


  • Specialized UV blocking lenses
  • Color filtering capability
  • Dip in the middle to fit well over the nose
  • Come in a very sleek design


Why you’ll like them

  • The glasses can keep the harmful radiation out
  • The glasses are very durable
  • They deliver a very clear vision
  • They fit perfectly on most people
  • They a very lightweight


What lens Color should I take 

If you want LED light protection we recommend the green or Red glasses.

If you want HPS light protection we recommend the blue glasses.