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Automatic Plant Watering Device

🎁***For our 3 years anniversary , we are giving away Free watering devices for the first 300 customers *** 💯💯💯

 🌱Let Your Plants Look After Themselves!

☘️Never Over or Under-Water Again☘️

Wondering who will water your plants while you're away or on vacation? 
With our automatic watering device, you can go relax without having to worry about your plants.

"I didn't know I wanted that before I see it, that's exactly what I needed!"

- Mark, 42, California

Control the water flow that goes into the soil by using the regulating valve.

You can use the control system even when you are on vacation, just put the right bottle and regulate the flow, and you can leave your plants without worry. Release the right amount of water from 7 to 14 days depending on the bottle's volume. Easy to use and highly effective!


  • You get full control of the watering speed
  • You can add liquid plant fluid if required.
  • the system provide water straight to the plants roots.
  • Ideal for use on holidays, business trips, or short vacations.
  • Plant watering spikes are compatible with most bottles
  • Multi application - Whether indoor/outdoor plant, home or office, this self watering spikes system keeps your plants hydrated.
  • Perfect for potted plants, houseplants, patio plants, hanging baskets, deck pots, hanging plants and many more.


  1. Insert the control valve into the device. 
  2. Take a plastic bottle of 1.1 inches and fill it with water. 
  3. Install the plant waterer to the filled bottle. 
  4. Flip over the bottle and place the opening into the soil. 

Compatible with most house bottles:


  • Specifications
    Color: Green, Orange, Blue (random)
    Size: Length  5.3 in /13.5cm, Diameter 1.1 in / 3cm.  


  • 6 x Automatic watering devices


Frequently Asked questions: 

How long do watering spikes last?

Depending on the water bottle's volume, our watering devices can last for about 7 days while large ones last about 14 days. The draining rate depends on the soil texture and whether the soil is dry or moist.

How long can plants go without water?

Most houseplants can survive without water for 2-3 weeks. However, the watering needs may vary depending upon the weather and types of plants you have. While plants like succulents and cactus can survive longer, other tropical plants like monstera, pothos may suffer.

Are self-watering spikes worth it?

The self watering devices are a great solution if you're forgetful about watering, but they're also helpful if you tend to be an over-enthusiastic waterer. The spike provides a slow and steady drip of water right to the roots so you'll be less likely to drown your plant by overwatering.

Are self-watering stakes good for indoor plants?

Yes! Self-watering planters are a fantastic solution for most indoor plants, especially tropical plants, vegetables, annuals, and perennials and in a greenhouse. Houseplants that like moist soil probably do not need a self-watering planter though, as it's hard to maintain the degree of necessary soil moisture.

Can Plants have too much water?

While the roots of a plant take up water, they also need air to breathe. Overwatering, in simple terms, drowns your plant. If there is too much water or the soil is constantly wet, there is not enough air pockets. This results in a limited oxygen supply and plants are not able to breathe. This is why self watering devices provide full control of the watering speed so that roots have time to breath and don't drown.

What about shipping and warranty?

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SensoLum products are covered by a full 1 year warranty, if your item have any defect within 1 year of use we will replace it.