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Grow Light Glasses - Anti Glare / Anti UV


This grow light glasses is designed for optimal eye protection when exposed to various grow light systems.

The coverage extending out towards the peripherals blocks UVA & UVB rays and blue light, reduces eye strain while working under grow lights.

Product Features

1. Eye Protection:
Newest indoor protective glasses designed for working under various grow lights 

2. Color Correction:
These glasses were specifically designed to see your indoor LED garden as it would appear outside in natural daylight.

3. Protect Health: Blocks all UVA and UVB rays and protects your eyes from infrared wavelengths, glare and reflection. Reduce eyestrain and alleviate the pain from harsh lighting.

4. Flank and eyebrow design, can effectively block particles, sand and dust from the side.

5. Ergonomic design, no metal attachment, make the field of vision wider, safer and more comfortable to wear.

6. Reinforced lenses with premium polycarbonate materials.

7. Professional anti-fog treatment, not affected by temperature difference, especially suitable for use in cold areas.


Product's details:

  • Frame adjustment: Yes
  • Lens thickness: 2.7
  • Light transmittance: 99.9%