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SensoHeat Pro - Premium Heat Mat for Seedlings

Increase Your Soil Temperature So Your Seeds Germinate Faster and Grow Up to 40% Faster

5 Reasons You Need SensoHeat Pro Heat Mat: 

1- RELIABLE RESULTS: SensoHeat Pro is a professional heat mat maintains temperatures in the sweet spot of around 20-30℃(68-86℉)- perfect for seed starting and cutting propagation

2- STABLE, UNIFORM HEAT: SensoHeat Pro strengthened heating film ensure this durable mat never scorches your roots and produces lots of revitalizing dew when used with a humidity dome

3- BUILT TO LAST: Supple, flexible, and ultra-durable, our heat mat goes beyond stringent MET standards, water-resistance that enables safe scrubbing, and a 1-year warranty

4- BEST SAVINGS IN THE MARKET: This 10" x 20.75" mat is perfect for standard 1020 trays and slightly larger than comparable mats on the market; It also runs on only 18 Watts to help you save on electricity

5- INNOVATIVE HEATING: With a radiate far-infrared light wave, making the heat source softer, and proving the seeds with enough heat, it can be heated up to 40 ℃(104℉)at an ambient temperature of 20-25 ℃(68-77℉)in minutes; 

Warms the rooting area to improve germination and rooting
Provides uniform Heating and reach desired temperature within minutes

One More Reason For Pets:

Multiple uses: Perfect for temperature control in reptile terrariums and small pet enclosures. Ideal for maintaining the desired temperature.


Package Content:
1 * Heating pad(seedling starter not included)
1 * Plug Adapter


Frequently Asked Questions: 

When should seedlings be removed from heat mat?
In general, you should remove seedlings from heat and put them under bright light soon after they germinate. However, if the room is cool, consider keeping the seedlings on the warm mats until the air temperature warms. You may want to raise the containers slightly to prevent overheating, as suggested above.
Do seeds germinate better in the dark?
Most seeds germinate best under dark conditions and might even be inhibited by light However, some species need light to germinate Don't confuse seed light requirements with what seedlings need. All seedlings require sunlight.
How often should I water seedlings?
You want seedlings to be kept moist but not wet and never allowed to dry out completely. This most often translates to watering the soil for your seedlings at least once per day, if not more often. A spray bottle is a good way to water your seedlings and keep the soil moist without letting it get too wet.

How big should seedlings be before transplanting?
The general rule of thumb is that when a seedling has three to four true leaves, it's large enough to plant out in the garden (after it has been hardened off). When you plant a seed, the first leaves to emerge are the cotyledons. These leaves will look different from leaves that will grow later.
How long can seedlings stay in trays?
Seedlings otherwise can become root-bound if not given adequate space for the roots. Typically, after sowing the seeds, the cell trays are used for around 3-4 weeks before transplanting occurs - whether it be to an outdoor plot or into a larger container.


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