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Cactus Mosquito Killer - USB Powered

Keeps you safe from mosquitoes and flying insects up to 16 feet away

Our Bug Zapper Lamp is a high efficiency mosquito trapping machine that attracts & kills mosquitoes dead anytime, anywhere. The LED light is an irresistible draw for bugs, and when they get close, a powerful 7 blade vortex airflow kicks in and silently sucks them into the trap. This is where the powerful cyclone eventually dehydrates the growing crowd of mosquitoes until they die.

It’s so quiet you can even use it indoors during bedtime to keep flying insects away from you while you sleep, leaving you more rested in the morning.


Perfect for Outside and Indoors'

  • Whisper Quiet Works in nurseries & bedrooms or any place you need some shut eye
  • Compact Size Discreetly place on a table or bookshelf and save space
  • Easy Clean-Up Non-toxic, finger-friendly, and safe to use around kids and pets!