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LED Grow Lights for Indoor Plants - SensoGro

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Take Your Growing Power to the Next Level 

SensoGro is best for Indoor Plants / House PlantsSeedlings, Vegetables, and Microgreens.

Ideal for all kinds of plants, flowers and vegetables at all stages of growth.

SensoGro has been developed by indoor growers over many years of careful experimentation and testing.

"My plants are now thriving, thanks to these lights" -Tony W.

Maximize photosynthesis of your plants. Our advanced LED's and micro chip design ensure that your plants receive maximum light absorbency from UV through IR color spectrum without wasting energy.

Now, You Can Give Your Indoor Plants The Sunlight Hours They Need Even in Winter

Our Targeted Spectrum Technology ensures optimal light spectrum emission without emitting unnecessary amount of light that the plant cannot absorb (wasted energy).

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Quick Tips:

  • Salad vegetables, especially during winter, can be successfully grown under grow lights to provide fresh leaves through the cold season.
  • A terrarium with Grow lights is a simple way to start.
  • Tomatoes can be started earlier in the season under Grow lights to extend the cropping period during the summer.

Why You Need SensoGro?

  • Full-spectrum light provides plants in the Veg and Flower stages with everything they require for optimal growth and flower production.
  • Hybrid grow light utilizes COB technology ensures deep canopy penetration and maximum light absorption
  • The perfect ratio between Blue light for plants' growthand Red light for photosynthesis, Ultra Violetand Infra-redto boost seedlings growth
  • No more leggy plants, brown spotsand leaf burns
  • Easy to set, extremely compact, lightweight and quiet. Ideal for small growing areas where space is an issue
  • Proven workhorse in the professional grow light industry

Most plants need at least six to eight hours of sunlight a day to thrive. Short winter days can mean that even a warm windowsill isn’t enough to grow strong, hearty seedlings. LED grow lights guarantee your seedlings receive the maximum hours of sunlight for lavish, lush growth.


1. Suitable for Indoor Plants/House plants,Horticulture, Vegetables,Greenhouses, Seedlings, Micro Greens, Medicinal plants and Grow tents.
2. Suitable for germinating, seedlings, growing and flowering.
3. Lighting time setup: Vegetative Stage:10-12 hours on; Buds/Flowering Stage: 8-10 hours on.


1* SensoGro LED Grow Light
1* Hanging Kit
1* Power Cord
1* User Manual

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=> Specifications & Dimensions:

Certifications: RoHS, CE, FCC, UL
LED Chips Ratio: 
- 25W: 47 Red / 19 Blue / 3 White / 3 IR / 3 UV
- 45W: 90 Red / 36 Blue / 6 White / 6 IR / 6 UV 

 Note:  The Ultra Violet (UV) lights and Infra Red (IR) LEDs are particularly dim, this is because our human eyes cannot perceive their wavelength but they are perfectly effective for plants' growth.

Grow Light

25 Watts

45 Watts


 12" 5" / 31x12cm

 10" 10" / 25x25cm




LED Chips 75 LED 144 LED

Input Voltage:

AC 85-265 V  

AC 85-265 V  


50,000 hours

70,000 hours


1.1 lb / 500g

1.6 lb / 720g

Luminous Flux:

1000 lumen

1500 lumen

Covering area:

11~16ft²// 1~1.5m²

 16~21ft² // 1.5~2m²


Blue Light:

460 - 470 nm

460 - 470 nm

Red Light:

620 - 660 nm

620 - 660 nm

Infrared Light:

730 - 735 nm

730 - 735 nm

Ultra Violet:

390 - 395 nm

390 - 395 nm

White Light:



Package Contains:

1 x SensoGro
1 x Power Cord
1 x Hanging Kit
1 x User Manual

1 x SensoGro
1 x Power Cord
1 x Hanging Kit
1 x User Manual

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I leave my grow light on 24 7?

In general, you should not leave grow lights on 24/7. Plants need a light-dark cycle to develop properly. It's believed that they truly do “rest” during periods of darkness, and probably use this time to move nutrients into their extremities while taking a break from growing. A maximum of 14 hours a day is more than enough light for any type of plant.


What is the difference between Red and Blue grow lights?

The effect of blue light on plants is directly related to chlorophyll production. Plants that receive plenty of blue light will have strong, healthy stems and leaves. Red light is responsible for making plants flower and produce fruits.


What is the difference between LED lights and LED grow lights?

Not all LED lights are equal, Standard LED lights only provide illumination while LED grow lights have a wider spectrum of light that promotes vegetative growth and flowering.


What is the covering area and how does it compare with the HPS lights?

The Square shape design maximizes the beam to cover 1m² / 10.7 ft² area of plants. The light beam goes up to 2m² but the effect is weaker the further from the source.

SensoGro panels are low heat and low power consumption with high luminous efficiency, save 75% of energy compared to HPS/HID

Our LED grow lights can rival the production of HPS lights that use nearly twice the wattage, which adds up to great savings on the power bill. LED grow lights run much cooler than HPS resulting in an obvious set of benefits for the indoor grower.


 How many Lumens do I really need?

It really depends on a lot of different factors. You have to consider how big your room is, what type of plant you’re growing. There may be no ideal amount, but, generally, somewhere between 300 and 800 lumens per square foot your plants should prosper quite nicely. SensoGro light panels emit 1000 lumen with the 25W panel and 1500 lumen with the 45W.

Keep in mind that a high lumen value does not necessary mean that the light has the optimum color spectrum for growing plants. What is important to look out for is the color spectrum of the grow lights.


How many Grow Lights do I need for a small greenhouse?

We recommend not to make decisions of how many grow lights are needed based on the dimensions of the grow room itself. What you should be measuring is the footprint of your plant canopy.

 If your greenhouse is 6x8 and you plan to have plant canopy of about 2/3 of it (just to leave some room for movements) you should aim for 6 Square shaped grow lights.


Do grow lights use a lot of electricity?

Grow lights don't use as much electricity as you may think. However, since most grow lights are so energy efficient, you are getting huge amounts of light (and growing power) for your money! SensoGro is also recognized to be the most energy efficient light in the market.


How far should the Device be away from my plants to maximize light production?

The height of the light is different at different plant growth stages. After the professional planting test in SensoLum laboratory, we provided the best height recommendations:
For Germination Stage : 30" -35" / 75 -90cm above the plants
For Vegetative Stage : 26" -30" / 65 – 75cm above the plants
For Flowering Stage: 22" -30" / 55 - 75cm above the plants

Note:Most flowering plants grow best with 20-30 watts of light per square foot. More Watt is not necessarily better. Too much light can lead to bleaching and burning your plants

 SensoGro comes with a hanging Kit included so you can easily modify the height you'd like.

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SensoGro is covered by a full 1-year warranty! If your grow lamp has any defect within 1 year of use we will replace it.

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