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Mosquito Repellent Lamp -Photocatalyst

Our Mosquito Repellent Lamp is a high efficiency mosquito trapping machine that attracts & kills mosquitoes dead anytime, anywhere.

The LED light is an irresistible draw for bugs, and when they get close, a powerful blade vortex airflow kicks in and silently sucks them into the trap. This is where the powerful cyclone eventually dehydrates the growing crowd of mosquitoes until they die.

Great for indoor / outdoor dinners and patio hangouts. It’s so quiet you can even use it indoors during bedtime to keep flying insects away from you while you sleep, leaving you more rested in the morning.

How does it work:

Rather than slathering yourself in mosquito repellant, our device takes an innovative approach to eliminating pesky, disease-carrying mosquitoes without the use of chemicals and other harmful substances.

Rather than depend on just one trick, our Mosquito repellant actually employs four different technologies to thin out your backyard mosquito horde. The unit emits 360-degree wrap-around UV light waves and bionic temperatures that attract mosquitos from a wide range of over 200 square feet. 

Our handles its responsibilities in virtual silence, so you can also keep it running while you work and while sleeping.

Specs & Features

  • Size:  55" X 86"
  • 700  square feet of mosquito coverage
  • Sound-based radiation
  • 365-nanometer mosquito killer
  • Auto Air circulation
  • USB Powered

Package Includes:

1 * Mosquito Killer  1* USB Cable


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