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Babeks Paw Wiggler - Cat toy

We are celebrating our 2nd year anniversary and are giving away only 100 Paw Wiggler Toys for FREE we only ask that you just cover shipping. Thank you for your continued support!

The easiest way to release tensionlessen destructive behavior and reduce anxiety of your cat

It Moves! It Bells! It Wiggles!

Purrfect for indulging every cats need for hunt, the way this way toy squiggles is IRRESISTIBLE for cats!

Why your cat will love:

  • Hours of fun running, chasing and jumping after the high-bouncing ball
  • Swatting, biting and batting at the blended catnip-marinated “tail”
  • Getting mesmerized by the life-like corkscrew movement as the ball rolls
  • Picking up and proudly presenting his “prey”, as your cat would outside
 Why you will love  it:
  • Watch your cat unleash its inner curiosity and passion for hunt
  • Play with your cat as you toss the toy down halls, at walls and more
  • Designed by veterinary professionals and handmade in the USA
  • The wiggly movement stimulates cats' minds keeping them not only physically active but mentally active too! 

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