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Weed Puller - Stainless Steel Weed Remover Tool

No need for plenty of chemicals in your garden!

Get rid of hundreds of weeds in a matter of minutes easily and naturally

Keep it Organic with SensoLum Weed Remover

Remove stubborn weeds like never before!

Weeding a garden, whether it’s your flowerbeds or your lawn, can be an interminable chore – and anything that makes the job easier is more than welcome. 

The weed puller tool is designed to remove deep roots from the ground, without the need for soil disturbance.


SAVE YOUR ENERGY - The unique leverage design creates a perfect angle to pull out weeds. Also designed with an extra-large ergonomic cushioned handle for less fatigue.

 PREMIUM QUALITY STEEL & BEND PROOF - Rust proof made of durable stainless steel with a nice wood handle. Durable and sturdy. 

OUTSMART THE INVADERS - The notch forms a sharp V shape to penetrate the ground deep and grab the whole weed with its deepest roots, so it doesn’t grow back.

DIG DEEP & HOLD STRONG - Dig deep and easily removes dandelions, thistles, burdock and other common garden weeds so they don't grow from the remaining plants.

Why not Chemical Weed Killers?

Chemical Weed killers have gone out of fashion. It has too many side-effects for most gardeners, including toxins potentially destroying much-loved plants – not to mention, insects, wildlife and even in some unfortunate cases, pets.

Weed pullers do work effectively – especially as they are able to get rid of weeds forever. Not only that but by pulling out the weed (rather than using toxic chemical weed killers) it actually helps the soil to regenerate…

"It does kill the toughest weeds and grasses down to the root. A great dandelion extractor! I also use it transplant seedlings"- Jerry K.

You don't want to leave your weeds long enough in your garden to find them that way:

Get rid of your garden weeds with a simple DIG and PULL.

How does it work?

"Give me a lever and I can lift the world" - Archimedes

We won't be lifting the world anytime soon, but weeds? Absolutely! Especially when it invades our garden. See how it works:

*Rest the curved metal base on the grass and use the lever action to remove the bigger and harder to pull weeds

And best of it all?

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